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Moroccan Bath

The hydrating effects of Rose body scrub, Steam and Red Clay leaves the body cleansed and stimulated. It also improve the blood circulation.

San Turkish Bath

A perfect blend of traditional Arabian & traditional European Treatments, that leaves you with feeling of freshness.

BodyGlaze Signature bath

The spicy aroma enhances wellbeing. The pure essential oils moisturises and balances the skin.

Body Glaze Bath
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Body Glaze Ayurvedic massages

Body Glaze offers six unique Ayurvedic massages ranging from 'Abhyanga' to 'Sirodhara' , to calm your mind and sooothe your tensed muscles. Try one of our traditional Ayurvedic massages performed by experience measures , followed by a steam, scrub bath. Your mind and body will feel relaxed and refreshed.

Ayurvedic Massages in Doha
Gents Spa
Wedding Special
Special package for grooming the bridegrooms
Includes :

Hot Oil Treatment
BodyGlaze Signature Facial
BodyGlaze Royal Body Care
Aroma Massage
San Turkish Bath
Body Polishing

Bridal Packages
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Weekend Special

Weekend Glaze

A Package of Radiant Facial, Spl. Body Care & Moroccan Bath to help you start a fresh week fresh.

Weekend Glaze Plus

A Package of Refreshing Facial, Spl. Body care and Aroma Massage, leaving a relieved.

Weekend Glaze Bath Plus

A package of Signature Bath & Aroma Massage to remove all the toxins and completely rejuvenate the body.

Weekend Special in Body Glaze
Bodyglaze Waxing
Bodyglaze Wedding Special
Bodyglaze Weekend Special

Body Glaze Massages
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